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DJI Matrice 200


High-performance motors paired with 17-inch propellers ensure stable flight in strong winds.  The new dual-battery power system automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures, while an enclosed design ensures weather and water resistance, so you can fly in a wide range of environments.

Operational Range: 7KM

Flight Time: 38 Minutes

Max Payload: 2KG

DJI Matrice 600

The M600 uses sine-wave driven, intelligent ESCs to ensure it performs accurately, safely and efficiently.

A3 flight controller is a self-adaptive flight systems adjust flight parameters automatically based on different payloads.

Lightbridge 2 transmission system meets the requirements of professional broadcasting, offering high frame rates and HD live streaming.

Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system allows all six batteries to be turned on with one button press, and keeps the system in flight in the event of a failure of a single battery.

Sentinel MP-4T


Sentinel’s operational height of 350 feet and indefinite flight time enables this drone to perform as an instant communication tower or surveillance platform. Well suited for security or search and rescue the Sentinel can carry payloads including HD/4K Video, Infrared, LiDAR and various atmospheric sensing devices.
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Magpie MP-1

Auto takeoff, flight and landing software allow for long distance flight operations with minimal pilot requirement. The Magpie has a service ceiling of 15,000 ft. MSL and 1.5 continuous flight hours. The Magpie is designed to cover large land mass areas while capturing precision images down to 1 CM/pixel.
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