The Industries We Serve

Energy - Infrastructure - Mapping - Insurance - Real Estate - Security - Construction

Utilities: Safety

Perform inspections in risky weather conditions, difficult to reach spaces and on tall structures.

Utilities: Transmission & Distribution

Cover large areas and long linear distances at a lower cost to increase inspection frequency.

Renewables: Solar Farms

Utilize Infrared/FLIR recording to see the unseen. Utilize 4k & 8k video to spot breaks and scratch damages. Identify misaligned panels to increase array efficiency.

Renewables: Wind Farms

Perform Magnetic and Infrared inspections to identify excess heat and/or fracture damages to prevent significant loss.

Oil & Gas: Inspection

Pipeline and facility inspection to identify damage, leaks and developing issues that can affect operations, surrounding environment and public safety.

Oil & Gas: Security

Remote monitoring and surveillance to ensure facilities remain secured.

Survey: Civil Engineering

Provide your engineers with precise measurements, plans and inspections with a high degree a accuracy.

Mapping: Linear or Squared

Highly accurate digital point clouds (to 6.0 cm) can be flown with autopilot software. Select the flight path  to be flown, launch the drone and collect the mapping data.

Insurance: Faster Roof Inspections

Utilize flight plan software from a tablet to fly roof inspections. Auto takeoff, flight and landing features make it simple for claims adjusters to complete an inspection. No pilot or joystick experience needed.

Insurance: Claims Adjustment

Neighborhood, property and structural assessments utilizing high resolution imagery makes claims review and adjustment faster and more accurate.

Real Estate: Photography

Use flight video to create a stunning portfolio of images for sales brochures and online listings to attract potential buyers.

Real Estate: Aerial Video

Capture dawn or dusk video to highlight the warmth of the home and its natural beauty. Use full daylight video flyovers to showoff exterior features and quality.

Real Estate: Neighborhood Views

Highlight the neighborhood, views or natural features unique to the property to help potential buyers understand value.

Real Estate: Safety and Compliance

Our pilots ensure all flights are conducted according to FAA Part 107 rules. Each flight is bonded and insured.

Security: Private Surveillance

Utilize tethered systems to maintain surveillance over large sites. Thermal imaging allows your security personnel to view all forms of traffic and people traveling through your grounds.

Security: Police

Communications, situational surveillance, remote investigation are made simple and highly deployable with Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Security: Fire

Instant deployment and unlimited flight time (tethered) enables firefighters and first responders to maintain surveillance of situation real time.

Security: Search & Rescue

Deployable in difficult terrain where vertical takeoff and landing are a must and access to the sky is limited.