Data Management and Digital Services

Cloud Based Solutions

Professional Workflow

2D Orthomosaics

Capture and create high resolution maps where each pixel of original images are projected onto a digital surface model without perspective distortions and with accurate geolocation.


3D Point Clouds and Texture Models

A 3D point cloud is created by overlapping images render a precise location of the reconstructed object space.  Texture models contain a full 3D triangular mesh with photo-realistic overlays creating realistic visualizations.

Contour line output, slope and volumetric analysis

Calculate volumes of your stockpiles using fully-adjustable base height to produce precise measurements. Generate simplified topography maps with closed contours elevation displays.

High resolution Photo and HD/4K Video

Select between 1080HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) for your aerial imaging needs. Both platforms are Gimbal mounted with 3 axis stabilization and vibration suppression to deliver the highest quality video capture available.

IoT & Secure Data Services

One point of access to manage, analyze and share data. Our drones collect data real time and manage the data on a public or private secure cloud. Through secure shared access, you can immediately begin analysis, transformation and develop calculations to support your organization’s mission goals. Extended Services Included: Direct application integration to GIS systems and other enterprise applications or begin to expand (AI) Artificial Intelligence through IBM Watson and other AI services.